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My users, have reported a style issue, check it out...

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by linkandzelda, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    I've been setting up the forums recently, and i sent the link to 2 people, a direct link to the root forums. Both of them reported seeing the top bar like this:


    The first user updated Firefox to 6.0.1 and it went away, the second user just visited another link and then it went away. Is there any chance that this can be fixed? As it makes the site look bad, I don't get the error and not sure where to go from here.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Dean

    Dean Well-Known Member

    I would log in as a test user with a short user name, and then a test user with a long user name.

    Is it possible that the people with the problem might have longer usernames.
  3. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    The first name was "Ray Maverick" as in the image, and the second was "Innovator". My name is "Linkandzelda" and it has no issues. Username "test user" has no issues.
  4. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

  5. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    The style is not custom at all, its just a basic standard Xenforo style with some added navlinks. I could try and remove some to see what happens, but as the problem pretty much goes away soon i can't replicate it... Just that, for first time users it looks bad if they see it. I'll see what i can do. Thanks.
  6. IuClik

    IuClik Member

    it`s problem with addon Affiliates, delete the <xen:include template="affiliates" /> from template sidebar_online_user

    For Affiliates try this http://xenforo.com/community/posts/241314/ , no need to install, only edit sidebar_online_user

  7. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    I don't have an affiliates add-on, so that template does not exist for me. The "affiliates" one i mean.
  8. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    have you a live demo where "we":D could check this?
    only xf page with your name where xenfans and ******?;)
  9. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

  10. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    Phu, very hard question:D

    Had to use google (is "generation I" the right answer to the spam protection?")

    2. I'm unable to register.
    I'm getting => A server error occurred. Please try again later.
  11. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    Hehe, is that so? Hmm, i got an email that you registered though. just-a-testamon?

    I hate server errors, as they are hard to find the cause lol...
  12. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    no:D username => averylongtestusername

    because of server errors => check your error log
  13. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    Oh, this error is a funny one, Ragtek :D

    Undefined index: user    library/Ragtek/Invite/ControllerPublic/Register.php:9    11 minutes ago    Details
    Undefined index: user    library/Ragtek/Invite/ControllerPublic/Register.php:9    12 minutes ago    Details
    Undefined index: user    library/Ragtek/Invite/ControllerPublic/Register.php:9    13 minutes ago
  14. ragtek

    ragtek Guest


    i hope you don't want really any help anymore from me, or?
    1. bad sign=> your name on paid add-on share pages
    2. you're no customer of me but you have one of my paid add-ons installed
    Dan likes this.
  15. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    Oh! A paid add-on... I got it from another website :/
    How much is the mod? I'm happy to buy it.

    And, my name on share pages? Not sure i understand.
  16. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    There we go, problem 2. should be sorted now ;)

    EDIT: The answer was simply gen 1, gen one or generation 1 if you like. And, i just signed up myself but got no errors. Also, please tell me more about what problem 1. is? Thanks

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