My Laptop's Screen Won't Start Up.


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Hey guys,

When I start up my laptop, he makes the normal noice, also plays the 'Vista Startup Sound', but there's no screen :(

It's a MSI Mega Book M673

Any idea's?


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Seriously, it's how I ended up with a MBP...I had a HP that turned into a brick and a tired of throwing money away.
Few yrs back same thing happened to me with one of my Laptops lol well i had no interest to fix it all i did was Punched it twice screen & keyboard :p


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If you have a battery installed, remove it and try booting up with only power from the wall. A bad battery can cause this sort of problem.

You can't test the graphics card by plugging in an external monitor since you'd have to change your display settings in order to turn it on. You may also have a removal graphics card since it's an MSI(as long as it's not onboard).
You were running Vista?!
Kinda brought it on yourself then really :D

Plug it into an external monitor but shove a Linux live disk in it and boot up from the CD. Then you can do some damage control and see what is / isn't there. If you get in and your files are there, back them up!

//EDIT I'm of course assuming there is a problem with your HDD, which having re-read it, its probably more likely to be your graphics card. However, just in case, backup your important files (if you didn't have backups already)


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Thanks for all ya help, but I just purshased another one :p

I'm going to make a contest, send my laptop to the winner and let him smash it :D
Check if you can get anything out of the screen by aiming flashlight at it while it should be at desktop. (If you can see the graphics it has broken inverter(Doesn't power up the screen background light))
If you do, it has broken inverter, new one costs around 10$, and it's quite easy to change.