XF 2.2 My Contact Us button isn't doing any contacting


If a poster tries to use the Contact Us button, the note goes into the wild blue yonder. I've masqueraded as a poster and tried:
-when the Contact Us (to) email is different addresses, including xxx@gmail.com and xxx@mywebsite.com
-the different addresses otherwise work ('cos I've tested them)

It's just the Contact Us form....
If there are no errors in the XF ACP then the email should have been handed off to the server.

Your host will need to check the server mail log to see if there are any issues.
Not even Gmail (at the origin, not Apple Mail or Spark) is receiving from the Contact Us button. Gmail receives from my other gmail and website addresses. Just not from the Contact form.

The contact form doesn't connect with Yahoo, either. I used the exact address you are sending my emails to, so I know it works.

Can you suggest another location on the ACP there might be an error?
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If your on shared hosting - ask your host as its the server problem as per Brogans post

If your on a VPS then a lot of VPS providers block port 25, this will stop php mail from send-off outgoing emails, you need to ask your host to unblock port 25 (if its blocked - and most wont or dont) or use SMPT mail for outgoing emails.
As per brogans post if your on a shared server

If there are no errors in the XF ACP then the email should have been handed off to the server.

Your host will need to check the server mail log to see if there are any issues.

And if your on a VPS most providers block port 25 by default so php mail wont work, you need to contact your provider and ask for the port to be unblocked OR use SMPT mail.
I just contacted my VPS provider - SiteGround, who also are my email providors and they said that my port 25 is working.

If I try the other suggestion and use SMPT is an easy thing to change, and are there any ramifications, or consequences, or drawbacks that I should know before trying it?


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Actually I've found SMTP (not SMPT) to be more reliable..
The only issue is you have to make sure your ACP settings are configured correctly for the sending... correct port and encryption that matches your SMTP provider, along with login credentials (some require username @ FQDN and others simply username) and SMTP server.

You also need to make sure that your login account that you use has ability to send as other users. You may have to set up an alias for your ACP Default email address.

And while you are at it... if you haven't already on your hosting account, set up your bounced and unsubscribe email accounts and configure them. You will need to decided if using POP3 or IMAP to access them and make sure that those accounts have that protocol configured for use (some only allow POP3 by default).
I am using the PHP built-in mail system. Is that a correct choice?
SMTP is a better choice.. there are certain things that to do it right, you need to configure to use PHP mail to send.
You were never really clear... you said
Yes, emails to and from the various addresses I've tried all work. Just the Contact Us button goes into the wild blue yonder.
are you talking about sending from an actual email client like GMail web or outlook, or are you talking about ending alerts/notifications from XF itself?
If they are going through from XF itself, then the contact us emails SHOULD be working OK.. but there is an option that can affect that.

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 5.54.17 PM.png

Is that checked or unchecked (mine is checked since I use Amazon SES to send mail from)?

The problem that you get into with using PHP mailer (usually), if you don't have your server MTA set up to relay (VALID relay) through another SMTP server, your delivery can suck at the best, as you don't typically have any of the required DNS entries configured for sending via PHP from that server instance. If on shared hosting, you have to depend on your hosting provider to have correctly configured everthing.
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