XF 1.2 Mundane Custom User Ribbons a symptom of styling problems?

Following Brogan's User Ribbon Customization guide, I was able to cause change. But not correct change.

On the following link, note the Administrator tag below the user's name.
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to remedy this problem.

Please take a look: http://clashofclanners.com/threads/test.1/

Thank you so much,


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You have -12px left and right margin on the .messageUserBlock .userBanner class.
Change it to something like -2px.

You also need to add some padding to each banner class.
Something like padding: 0 4px to the same class will do it.

The result of the above changes:


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What look are you trying to achieve exactly?

If you follow my resource the banners will look exactly as they do here.
If they don't then you need to revert any changes you have made to those classes.
Exactly; I'm trying to achieve exactly how they look here.
I have followed your tutorial a total of ten times. I have made no changes to any of those classes.
What would you recommend I do?


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Oh, I've just noticed you're using Flexile.

I don't believe that style has been updated recently; as you can see there are numerous other styling issues with your site.

Regardless, you will need to post in the Flexile discussion thread for support.