Multiple Usertitles


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Is there a way to give a user multiple usertitles? We use user titles as a way to let members know what staff are more specifically responsible for, at a glance, which we've found to be really useful... but I haven't found a way to do that so far on xf...


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hmm, that might be useful for staff that have only a couple, but some (like most of our admin) have like 5 or so different titles lol. That might seem excessive but it works for us.

For example, a staff member might have :
Support Staff (meaning part of their job is to support people),
Small Group Mod,
Small Group Co-ordindator,
Prayer Team

all associated with their account - and all are needed so our members easily know who to go to for what.


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Presumably you'd have the same issue if you had multiple titles?
Where and how would they all be displayed?

You could use that mod and remove all the css, just using plain text.
Or you could manually edit their user titles or give them the ability to do so themselves.