XF 1.3 Multiple User Group Stylings


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Back on vBulletin I had a large mix of dark and light styles, which was fine. The only problem was the Registered Users user group: if I styled it white, then the members' usernames couldn't be seen on light styles and vice-versa for dark styles.

I finally asked one day, and a former vBulletin employee had me change the code in the user group and then add CSS to each individual style that went with the code in the user group.

Right now on XenForo I don't have any styling applied to the Registered user group and just use the default link color. However, is what I mentioned above possible on XenForo (e.g., black styling on light styles and white styling on dark styles)?



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No idea,
I have never used vB and have no inclination to click the link.
Sorry about that.

I was told to add this code to the user group: <span class="registereduser"></span>

And then apply this CSS to each style:

.registereduser {
    color: white;

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You can use the classes for each user group and add relevant code to EXTRA.css.
Can you please help me with this. I would like to have a red color for my admins and a different color for the other groups. Plus i was wondering if their was away people can set their own color to their names if they wanted to, or do i have to make several groups and just have the groups be different colors. Then the members can choose which group they want to be in to get that color.