Multiple Forums on a server & which ones you recommend

Have any of you guys have multiple forums running from one server? how's your loading speed, overall forum interaction?

Also what hosting services you guys recommend to run a forum smoothly with no time outs, etc...

Thank you.


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It depends on how much traffic your sites have but relatively slow sites can run on shared hosting without problems. I have a VPS with 1.5GB memory running Xenforo, 3 Wordpress sites and other static sites with tons of power to spare.

Mike Edge

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I no longer own a company at this time, but I do offer xenForo hosting via custom quotes. Feel free to contact me via private message to discuss your needs more.


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I have at least 6 wordpress blogs.
And I have 5 xenForo forums.
All powered by @Mike Edge's server.

At least 3 websites are grabbing the most amount of traffic, in general, they are all around 3 gigs, and the traffic is about 13 gigs a month. Peak months are worse. The highest I've seen it go is 22gigs.