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FoxCom submitted a new resource: Upload integration - Easily upload files and rehost them

MultiFileMirror helps you to share/upload your files quickly and with little effort. All you have to do is to upload your file to our server once and then it gets automatically uploaded to other file hosting sites like Solidifies, Depositfiles, Zippyshare etc. Once the file is uploaded to our server, you will be given a link to the download page which has all the download links.

This addon:
  • Supports xenForo resource manager
  • Requires API key, you can get that from...

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I am not able to find a addon by him posted here, how is it you know it belongs to him?
I got this add-on from my friend for several days(not truonglv) and he told me that the add-on belongs to him. Another fact that the file directory completely same as other add-ons which developed by truonglv.