XF 2.2 Moving username of poster under date


New member
I want to put the username of the poster under the date, so it doesn't cut off the username on the forum index.

Under node_list_forum, I put in a <br> to achieve this. Is there a better solution anyone can recommend?
<div class="node-extra-row">
                            <ul class="listInline listInline--bullet">
                                <li><xf:date time="{$extras.last_post_date}" class="node-extra-date" /></li>
                                <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.isIgnoring($extras.last_post_user_id)">
                                    <li class="node-extra-user">{{ phrase('ignored_member') }}</li>
                                    <xf:else />
                                     <br><li class="node-extra-user"><xf:username user="{$extras.LastPostUser}" defaultname="{$extras.last_post_username}" /></li>
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