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1. Elastic Search

Is Elastic Search something I should look into purchasing with my licence? I currently run a VBulletin Forum with 420,000 Posts currently and 1,019 members.

Is this something i'd need?

2. Anyone know of any good hosts for Xenforo? Asmallorange isnt cutting it for me now.

I heard of Nimbus and i've communicated with them. I was looking at purchasing litespeed for my VPS with them but it is going to raise my budget way higher than I'd like(i'd be paying $120 for a VPS with Nimbus and litespeed).

He suggested I forgo Litespeed and invest in CDN like maxCDN but we've been using litespeed for awhile now and we like it and it seems to help with latency for our members who are not in the US where our site is hosted.

Do you recommend I stick with litespeed or get a CDN?

Any other hosts you can recommend?


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1) ES can considerably speed up your search but does require quite a lot of RAM. The easiest way to assess it is, if you run a search now, is it slow? With that many posts you might find it useful but if you've not noticed any problems searching then maybe not.

2) Nimbus are superb and I'd thoroughly recommend them. I guess the caveat is if you have predominantly US users then selecting a UK host might not be the best idea.

Ernest L. Defoe

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Well I use xFHost while not a VPS they don't oversell the servers. So it feels like you are on a VPS. Plus you get SSH accesss and they use litespeed on their servers. Plus they have the ES server setup (extra monthly fee but less than litespeed) and they also have memcache setup. You can addon your own memcache port (so you in essence have your own memcache server) for a small monthly fee as well. All in all I believe they are both cheaper than a litespeed license. Plus the person that runs xFHost is very knowledgeable when it comes to xenForo and his servers are optimized for it.