XF 1.1 Moving the userbit to the right (from Russ)

Neil E.

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Based on this old topic http://xenforo.com/community/threads/move-the-userbit-to-the-right-on-posts.6130/ I decided to try a "userbit on the right layout". The instructions were straight forward and made sense.

I was working with my ODSC style and did the modifications using TMS. The last step would not apply (for the arrow change only). Although I was only doing a TMS "replacement" function somehow the original template got modified (no idea how).

When I did the "difference" comparison, it shows "no changes" to the template (original vs final). The modifications did in fact switch the userbit location, but by altering the original templates. So I removed the TMS modifications on the relevant templates (message.css, message_user_info.css, quickreply.css).

Back to the basics:
1) my_forum/install > rebuild master data
2) styles > create new style > (no parent) > called it master style because it will match the master data
3) switch forum to master style > refresh page > userbit is back on the left
4) verify master style code with original code in mod by Russ, everything matches correctly
5) this confirms that the master style data is good

Now in my ODSC style, how do I reset the relevant templates? I can see the code itself is wrong (ie left and right is swapped), but there is no red highlight to the tab to illustrate the change. If I go and edit the templates they will show up as edited. I want them to match original master code and then do the change via TMS (TMS naming provides easy documentation). I have numerous working TMS mods that I need to keep.

A cut and paste from a master template (into matching ODSC template) will still show as template change, will it not?

Neil E.

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I did a cut and paste from the three master templates to the matching ODSC templates and everything has been reset without issue. This did not highlight the template tab as being altered.

Can someone advise as to how the original template gets altered? Is it due to a specific reference/hook/character in the template edit that causes the change?

Neil E.

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I spent the whole day messing with this and it's not the master template that is being changed. What happens is that the actual template gets changed when it shouldn't. Let's look at one example of a template change:

In message.css find the original code:
.message .messageInfo
margin-left: 140px;
Replace with:
.message .messageInfo
margin-right: 140px;
Looks pretty simple. Using the TMS page for creating a modification, the first window contains the "entire" template code. The second window contains the "search for" code. The third window contains the "replace with" code. Thus window 1 has margin-left, window 2 gets margin-left and window 3 gets margin-right. Save the mod. Use the Difference button, result is "no difference"; but it should show the actual text difference.

What happens is that the original code gets overwritten (it is supposed to remain unaltered and simply get replaced by the changed code at the time of template call from the browser). I checked this numerous times.

So for this code change, I can't use the TMS (why?). Back to the original templates. Take a fresh copy of the master stlye and cut and paste the full code block to revert the template OR simply use the revert template function (both methods work fine). Everything is back to the standard layout. Go to the message.css template and directly edit "left" to "right". Save the template and then look at it in the list of templates. No highlight of any kind to show that a change has been made (no highlight of the tab when viewing the template either).

It's definitely different than the original template, what gives?

Jake Bunce

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That particular CSS attribute is in the messageInfo style property. When editing an attribute inside of a property it is written out to the property. You might have to revert that property:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Message Layout -> Content Container