Moving on from VB4


Hey guys,
we are currently running VB4 and decided it is time to move on and would like to switch to xenForo.
It is quite a large forum:
Users: 3500
Threads: 56,000
Posts: 610,000

We understand the basics from the VB importer and how to redirect however our vBulletin forum has quite a few add-ons installed.
I guess they just will be skipped by the importer when not readable/compatible with xenForo?

We would like to take out time for the move and first style and add add-ons to the xenForo to see how everything works and keep the vBulletin running in the mean time.
  • Therefore I would make a copy from the vBulletin Database and import from that one to see what we end up with.
  • Style xenForo and play around with add-ons
  • Now when I see everything runs fine of course there are more threads and users in the running vBulletin forum.
    Is it possible then to delete all users and threads from the xenForo and re-import from vBulletin into the xenForo forum we styled and added add-ons?
    If not what would be the best way to go?

Thanks for any help and suggestions

Any content which doesn't have an equivalent in XF will just be ignored, which would cover add-ons.

This guide explains the best process to avoid duplication of effort when doing multiple imports:

Thank you.
That made sense.
  • First Style and add the add-ons to xenForo.
  • Make a backup from the xenForo setup and then import vb4 to play around with it.
  • When everything looks good I can delete it
  • This way I can reload the initial xenForo styled backup and do a fresh import from vb4
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