XF 2.2 Moving 2.x installtion between servers causes 503 error. Fixed by rebuilding master?


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So while the solution ended up being something simple. I would love to know the cause. We had a XF 2.0 install running on CentOS 7.9, PHP 7.2 with NGINX. I moved it to a test server running AlmaLinux 8.4 (PHP 7.4) and even after downgrading PHP versions to 7.2 I was getting a 503 on the main domain, blank admin panel. But install menu worked. So I went ahead and performed the 2.2 upgrade and the test site worked just fine.

Move forward about a week after doing the 2.2 upgrade on the live 7.9 server I decided to move the site to the 8.4 server. Same issue again. I hit the rebuild button in the install menu and the site starts working.

So it doesn't appear to be a server config/php issue. I was thinking maybe some sort of cache issue? The rebuild process doesn't even have to be very far in the site started working right after I hit the button.
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