XF 1.3 Move the navtab arrow down

Steve F

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It does. If it largens your tab, just apply the same value as negative bottom-margin.
Careful with margins in the nav, it can cause undesired results with responsive layout in the nav.

Can't figure out how to move the navtab arrow down. I know it has to do with the splitctrl but if i do a margin-top it affects other things...

This is from the navigation.css

Adjust the 2nd value

.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed:hover .SplitCtrl
            /* nav_menu_gadget, height: 17px */
            background: transparent url('@imagePath/xenforo/xenforo-ui-sprite.png') no-repeat -128px {xen:calc '(@headerTabHeight - 17) / 2 + 1'}px;
Rich (BB code):
.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed:hover .SplitCtrl
            background-position: -128px 16px;