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Rigel Kentaurus

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Rigel Kentaurus submitted a new resource:

Most liked posts in the Thread (version 1.0.0) - Show the most liked posts in the thread

This hack will display in the thread a sidebar with the most liked posts.

Use this if you ever need to find out which posts in the thread have most likes, or if you are looking for a way to quickly navigate the most liked.
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Formerly Dinh Thanh
This is a great add on.
Can you show these list on a Fanbox or something similar? I like to see more longer list by they shouldn't use more space of the thread page.



Formerly Dinh Thanh
Display in a separate location give us chance get this data by Ajax and save server resource, very important for busy forum.

Digital Doctor

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Great idea !
I think this would be great in certain threads, but I don't think I would want it in every thread.
Is there a way for the first poster to decide if they want it in a certain thread ? or for an admin to add it to individual threads only ?

Rigel: is this your idea ? I like it :)

I can think of some tweaks that might make it better for certain situations.

Would it be possible to be able to insert it into the first post via bbcode ? This could be one method of having Most Liked Posts appear in only certain threads.


Formerly Dinh Thanh
Many people have same ideas with me.
It's better to find a different way to display these items. Fanbox or a Drop-down menu are something you can think about.

Getting Data by Ajax is also important. It will save a lot of Server Resources.
Both of these features was implemented very excellent with VBSEO.


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I quite like HotUKDeals implementation of this whereby the most liked posts appear before post #1 in a thread. I'm guessing they can set the threshold for the number of likes that qualify (possibly in relation to the number of posts) and how many posts it can be max.

Example here

Would this mod be able to do that?
Rigel ... I just purchased this addon, and it's not displaying on my sidebar (install seemed to work perfectly).

I use Xenporta and maybe this is hindering it, or I need to do something different because of it. Please advise.

I see that you're away until after the new year, continue to enjoy, and I hope to hear from you upon your return.


ok so i have xenique framework but your like does not show when my xenique side bar in on :( Could you assist me on making this work as it work when i disable it