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I've just installed Xenforo on my test site before updating my VB installation, but I want to add a bit more info like number of posts, location etc under the users profile picture in threads, and I also want to add custom fields, how would I do this?

Currently it looks a bit bland just having username and title, if someone could point me in the right direction for styling that would be good

Mike Fara

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Is there a way to put custom fields in an infobox style either above the signature or as an icon which is part of the post? Simply because when one is dealing with many custom user profile fields, it would be pretty bad to have them all showing running down the side of the page. I know its possible, but I am unfamiliar with the CSS and calls necessary to make it possible. You can probably guess what this is for... Computer Specs :unsure:


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Each custom profile field has its own dl class so you can edit the templates and add the relevant code as required.

Copy the code from the message_user_info template:
<dl class="pairsJustified userField_{$fieldId}">
    <dt>{xen:helper userFieldTitle, $fieldId}:</dt>
    <dd><xen:contentcheck>{xen:helper userFieldValue, $fieldInfo, $user, {$user.customFields.{$fieldId}}}</xen:contentcheck></dd>
Replace the {$fieldId} with the actual custom field name, e.g. <dl class="pairsJustified userField_pairsJustified userField_my_custom_field">