XF 1.4 more permissions for banned users

if I ban some user, he cant do anything, even read threads and conversations

how can I change permissions for banned users? I want them to read threads and conversations, but cant write.

is there some add-on? or some settings for it in admin CP?


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Don't ban users. Set a group's permissions to be what you want, revoking most permissions and use a warning + warning action to "ban" them.


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It would all require custom development.

A ban in XF is total - no part of the forum is accessible to banned members.
A ban in XF is total - no part of the forum is accessible to banned members.
better solution in vbulletin - if i ban somebody, he moves to usergroup Banned, and I can set permissions for this group. This is universal solution, some admins can set total ban on their forums, and other admins can set it by different way. Choice is better than no choice ;)

Harpers Tate

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The important thing is to stop thinking about "Ban" because "Ban" in XF is total. What YOU want is reduced permissions and this is how to achieve that:

1: Create a secondary usergroup which has REDUCED/REMOVED permissions so that members in it can (only) do the things you want and nothing more. I'd recommend NOT using the term "Banned" here to avoid any confusion with a true ban. Another term - we use "Suspended" - is preferable.
2: Create a suitable Warning or Warnings and a Warning Action that adds members with n points to this usergroup.