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With the new Syncing function allowing sites to mirror attachments into the media gallery, I think you'll find a set of users who are going to use the Media gallery as a fancy attachment manager. While the Attachment -> Media element works, it could be more tightly integrated.

I suspect this is where it is likely to go, but a few possible suggestions:

  • In XFMG Overlay: Add thread title/link into overlay, so users can quickly visit the original post. Right now images have little context in the o overlay.
  • In Mobile Lightbox view: Add thread title and link back. This does appear in desktop, but the information is hidden on mobile.
  • Ask for optional description / meta information when people are uploading attachments. At least leave a blank so users can fill out this data which can only presently be filled by visiting the media gallery entry for each upload. This can also be used for alt tags.
  • Provide a dropdown to access your previously uploaded attachments in the editor, that you can insert bbcode by selecting a thumbnail, or searching through your previous attachment. Similar to
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