More criteria for no indexing threads within a forum settings

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Currently in forum settings you have Index threads based on criteria.

Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 11.21.04.png

This is useful for SEO, for instance Thread has at least 1 reply will mean that a thread nobody responded to will have a noindex meta tag.

But my suggestion is for these criteria could be increased.

For example
  • Specific usergroup (e.g. if you have members who post stuff that may be OT fun, but never useful for SEO)
  • Minimum number of words (in thread)
  • Thread prefix
  • Thread is sticky

Another part of this suggestion is that you could also have a forum setting Noindex threads based on criteria

So you might based it on Thread ID so you could exclude specific threads

(although that one could be covered in the indexing criteria specified Thread ID is not...)

Please vote up if you like this suggestion, thanks.
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