XF 2.2 Mods Reports colour goes red to blue then back to red


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A mod on my forum just said this:
The forum software doesn't seem to remember that I've already seen whatever report is displayed. After having checked the report the first time it will go from red to blue, but then the next day or whatever it's red again, even though there's no new report there. Does this happen to everybody or just me? Have I missed a setting? I stay logged into the forum, so I assume it's not a cookie issue.

Is that by design or a bug?


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That's the designed behaviour.

Unread reports are red, read reports are blue (that sounds weird).

Reports are marked unread when the current session expires, so will appear red again the next visit.


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The mod said, as you can see in the quote, that they stayed logged in. If that is true, it still changed colour. Or does "current session" mean something else?