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RM 1.1 Modify Resource Layout in certain categories??


Well-known member

I have a books category and extra fields assigned to take ISBN and other information.

I'd like to modify the layout of the resource and use some of the custom field data to build the layout, for instance showing a book image (which I can pull using the isbn) floated to the very top left of the resource layout. There is also other things I'd like to do based on the fields but I'm a little unsure which direction to go in here.

Is there a mod that would help with this, or would it be possible with a template modification or direct template edit?

Thanks for your help.


Well-known member
Thanks Brogan. I hunted the resources section here for resource manager mods and found nothing to help, but I did find waindigo's extra fields mod that does in fact work on the resource manager too. It's given me a custom header and footer on a per category basis and allows me to get to custom field content. RESULT!

Thanks for your help though mate.


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I'm only modifying the header and footer of an actual resource page (where it falls in a specific category). I'm not styling categories exactly.