Modified Thread View UI ???


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After taking some interest in this thread i came up with a thought it would be pretty cool to modify the Like, Reply and Permalink buttons in thread view. i have an attached screenshot that illustrates what im trying to achieve.. Any takers to help me get this sorted?

I had to disable the FB, Twitter and Google share options on my forum because they were just broken and would submit links to these sites with broken URLs so i opted to disable them permanatly and have since been relying on the permalink share options as my only means of sharing content to these social media sites and as everyone knows the permalink is pretty obscure.. This modified UI would be a perfect solution for me and perhaps others..

Id also like to modify the ordering of these links as they are in the screenshot. I have already changed the "Reply" phrase to Comment, but really need to add the share text to the number in the permalink, and make it the last link so that it mimics FB's design..

lol i hope that made sense?