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Modified Square Forum Icons for use with Flexile


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I love Erik's Flexile skin set, and the feeling is the same for Shelly's square forum status icons.

Erik's style uses a partially-transparent forum status icon, and a bit of css styling, that results in color-matched forum icons (in all colors offered) from the same image set.

So I created an alternative version of Shelly's square icons, in the exact matching dimensions to original forum icons included with Erik's Flexile style.

All one needs to do is just copy these two attached images over your originals (make a backup). No edits to your Flexile skin is necessary. They are partially transparent and will result in alternative color-matched Forum Status Icons for your Flexile skin.

This has been posted with permission from Erik and Shelly. Thanks for all you do!

forum-unread.png forum-read.png


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In case you aren't sure where the Flexile Forum Status Icons are located, look in:



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Are the node icons a little larger than default? They look a little bigger than the xenforo default sizes. If so and if anyone experiences the images being clipped (cut off) refer to this thread and adjust the sizes accordingly. Nice job motowebmaster (y)