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Modest - - Clean, customizable and simple

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Here's our 6th premium release from : Modest. Modest is as humble as it's name, it's coded efficiently and effectively to let you customize it to your needs. It sticks to XenForo roots with a touch of it's own which enables you to use majority of third party plugins.

Some of the included default colors included in the style via style properties:
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Custom Editor Icons:
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can you make the text a little bigger? it really small on some sites. it is hard to read. if this is done, i will buy it :)
I'll look around and see what's a good medium, the web font is uses by default is smaller than normal so I did go through and increase some of the font size.


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The font looks "distorted" to me. Is that by design? Can the font be changed to the XF font?
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Ya the web font is rendering weird, it's easy to change it back, 2 clicks and you're done heh. I'm working on the rendering though.

How hard would it to add the default XF search box back?

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Simple 2 lines of CSS, it wouldn't be bad thing to add it as an option actually. Thinking back on it the way I originally setup the navigation the responsive icon looked much better but I sort of re-did the navigation towards the end.

I'll add in an option to toggle it, I have a fix that is due as well.