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So I just appointed a modertator on my second forum which is about 9 months old. At first the word "moderator" didn't appear under their name. I read another thread on here, and the solution was to remove their custom title. Now "moderator" appears but they no longer have their custom title as well (which is an achievement for reaching the top of the title ladder).

Is it not possible for them to have both the custom title and the word "moderator" under their name?
Just create a group and call it Moderator then allow the group to have a banner under their name with the title 'Moderator'

That way they can have their custom title as well as being recognised as a moderator
Thanks - I've done that. But it;s now added a moderator banner under my name too :rolleyes:. Before I just had Admin and Staff Member and was happy with that as it distinguished from ordinary members.
Another issue with this. I removed myself and the other moderator from the registered group which sorted the moderator banners.
I've now set a "Member" banner for the registered group (so everyone else gets that) - but it is still adding the extra banner under myself and the other moderator.
Just to be clear, what I have is - self and moderator in moderator group but unticked registered group - with moderator/admin banners.
Then set a banner in the registered group, but it still comes up under self and moderator as an additional banner.
Put yourself back in the Moderating group (if you want) and turn off banner stacking. Then arrange banner priority.
Found it. That worked for moderators but removed founder member banners and renamed them members. I have a separate user group for founder members.
All you have to do is set the priority number higher. So if Member is 500, Founder is 600. Admin is the highest. Etc.
Cheers! Ok so I'm just wondering if I've messed up by starting a new group for founder members - is that going to affect their permissions now? Or will they still have all the registered group permissions?
Make sure they are in Registered too and if the founders get extra permissions you can add them there.
Thanks. Sorry for being dense (it's late here) but I had already removed myself and the other moderator from the registered group (as per post 4) so did the same with the founder members. So now I have the banner stacking turned off and the priority set, it's ok to put everyone back in the registered group?
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