XF 1.2 Moderator limited to specified forums

Now we come from Vbulletin where we used to have Moderators (limited to specific forums) and S-Moderators (who could Mod all sections).

How do I go about doing this? Should I set Usergroup permissions as Inherent in Moderators usergroups and then add them individually to each forum section?

Any help on this would be appreciated :)


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Set the base permissions for the Moderator user group which you want all moderators to have.

When you create your moderators, set them as global or content moderators and adjust their specific individual permissions as required.

If all content moderators have the same permissions (in different forums), create a new user group and add them all to it.
Okay all the said Moderators have common permissions, so I already have them clubbed in one group. I initially had their permissions set in Usergroup Permissions only. But I later noticed that even if I add them for specific forums only, they get moderating powers for all over the forum basically.


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Whatever permissions they have in their user groups apply globally.

That's why you set only the minimum you want them to have, such as checking IP addresses, etc.

Harpers Tate

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It's an area in which (IMO) XenForo handles pretty badly. There is no easy way to determine or change a given set of permissions that will apply to all Moderators but ONLY when they are within "their" forums. Each instance of Moderator <> Forum has to have these permissions explicitly determined.

At a permissions level, XF makes practically no distinction between a Moderator and a SuperModerator. So, if you have a large team and a large board, you have a lot of work to set it up. And, if you want to alter these forum-specific permissions (eg you install a new add-on) then you have to individually alter settings for each Moderator <> Forum instance.

This ought to be core XF function. I have formally suggested it here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/moderator-permissions-scalability.59107/