Lack of interest Moderator activity icon per thread in forum view


If a moderator has performed an action on a thread, it should be indicated on the forum view.


AdminCP Options:

If a moderator has performed any of the following, display thread moderation indicator:
[] Delete a post
[] Edit a post
[] Post a reply
[] Issue infraction
[] Edit thread title
[] Add a poll

Display indicator to all members:
[] all members
[] moderators and administrators only

Clicking on or hovering over the indicator would provide a list of all qualifying actions.

- John edited the thread title
- Bob infracted user423 for 4pts / Trolling
- tonjohn replied to thread

Purpose: Improves transparency and consistency among moderators. Allows a moderator to at a glance see what is going on with a thread. Will help prevent situations like Moderator Jack is keeping a thread cleaned up but open and available to the public and then Moderator Jill comes along and flat out deletes it.


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I like this suggestion. Everything that makes managing threads more easier/efficient (like this) I will support.

In relation to the above: on my platform we discuss problematic users/discussions by opening up so-called user/thread discussions inside our Staff Forums. These can become extensive threads and because of that we use the first posting of those threads to gather information on what our staff has performed on the user for example. So we have a central overview of what actions has been taken on a certain user.

Your suggestion could help in all this.