Partial fix Moderation required clicking “done” before “go”

Affected version
Beta 5


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Not sure if this is a bug or I’m just not doing it correctly, but when I click the boxes on the right of a thread to open up the lower menu to lock, open, whatever, and then select go, it takes me to a thread instead of doing what I wanted. I have to click done and then go in order for it to work (iPhone 8/ Xf Beta 5)



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So this is an iOS quirk with the new fixed inline mod bar. When you don't blur the select and you click on the fixed bar, it actually registers the click on the element under the bar instead (meaning you often go to a thread when triggering via the thread list).

I'm not seeing a way of explicitly preventing that, but I have added behaviors that prevent the click from reaching the element under the bar and causing an unexpected action. You'll still need to either click done or click away before the "go" button will register the click as expected, but I don't think there's another way around this unless Apple changes some of their position fixed handling (when inputs are open).