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XF 1.5 Moderating a Not-New User

We are, thanks to the good advice I received here, very happy with our way of adding new users - I approve each first post, then a User Promotion to gets them into our Verified group, after which they post freely.

I just approved a new user and first post who I _think_ may have figured out our policy and may be trying to sneak in with a relevant first post and then will post spam.

I would like to flag this individual user to moderate all future posts until I say otherwise; an alternative would be for me to create a new user group "Moderated" and move people in and out of it as I deem necessary; a third approach would be for me to have a way to keep such users from achieving the Promotion from Registered to Verified until I decide it's OK for them.

Please advise on how to implement any/all the above or what else to do.

Thanks very much in advance for your replies.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can set individual user permissions - change the Follow message moderation rules permission for that user only to Never.
@Brogan, thank you. But I am missing one piece.

When I look at User Permissions, I see only three people and I'm one of them. Perhaps this is a thing I haven't been given access to, but I cannot add a new user to this list, and I also don't see, when I'm editing any individual user including myself, how to access these custom permissions.