Lack of interest Moderated and reported content: Less clicks, more AJAX


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There are lots of areas where you can improve mod-usability by less clicks or more AJAX: The approve/report area is full with things you could improve with AJAX. I bet you developers already have much ideas about possible improvements. But this thread here is for everyone to post his needs and ideas of improvements. It works nice now but you could do all this things in much less time. As an example, if I get a reported message, I would much more like to see the message from the reporter first and then the message. Then I just want to change the message or delete it. And then the reporter should get a conversation message, and so does the user. Just put links that AJAX inline-open directly:

Reporter posted: This post is about warez##§
Reported content: BUY BUY BUY MY STUFF
Write message to reporter (link, once you click on it this area transforms to a short conversation editor)
Write message to content author (same as above)
() everything is finished
(x) let others handle this, too


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I Hate the work to do when there is something reported.

We need to open, we need to click go content, we need to click change status, we need to change open, we need to take action in the content, we may need to warn member too, we need to change again status to solved and we need to write a comment...



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If you like the general idea of making moderated content handling easier, please like my first post :)

Yes I agree, this should all be done on the one page with the reported item.