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Moderate User - Allows admin to easily moderate user posts.


Allows admin to easily moderate user posts.

This add-on allows the forum to use the default user groups which makes running a forum easier. If the admin needs to moderate a problem user, the admin brings up the Moderate User Options page and adds the user ID to it.

(Example of Options page)

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  • Allows moderation of one or more users.
  • Moderated Users will have all new and edited posts moderated.
  • Allows using only...
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This can very easily be done with warning actions and user group permissions. What benefits does this add?


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See description.

Moderate User v1.1 changes:

1) Fixed ussed where error message displayed if user tried to edit the post after it became moderated.

2) Made sure only posts from user are moderated, other actions for example Liking a post should not trigger this add-on to moderate that post.

Upload library/Andy/ModerateUser to your server and upgrade XML file.
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