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How can I moderate just one user's posts? We have a husband and wife on our forum and the husband has been banned, but keeps logging on as the wife...I banned the IP, but now the wife is moaning and groaning about it...I would like to let her back on, but only if her posts are moderated..
Admin CP -> Users -> User Permissions

Type in the user's name and set Follow message moderation rules to Never. That will force that user's posts to be moderated.
Another similar question. Perhaps I've missed it but:

How do I moderate just one user group for a single, specific forum? Say I want only the "XYZ-Forum" to be moderated for only the "Registered" User Group and not the "Official Members" user group?

You're correct, I forgot that permission does not exist at the node level.

I recall a discussion on it, I'll see if I can find the thread.
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