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There is currently the following option when setting up a new forum:
"Moderate all messages posted in this forum"

What I would love is for the ability to ponly put into moderation the first post of the thread and not the replies to that thread. So I guess im looking for an equivalent permission called:
"Moderate all threads posted in this forum"

I know there is a mod mentioned that does something like this but really hoping this gets incorporated into the core so im sure I will have no future problems with upgrades if mod gets outdated.
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I actually read though that one before posting this and think it was a totally different issue there.

The other post is talking about moderating the first post a user makes on the forum. The solution to that is pretty obvious and easily solvable by creating a usergroup promotion after a user has at least one post. The new usergorup will not put posts into moderation queue.

My issue is very different because I want all "First Posts of Thread" to be moderated regardless of what usergroup someone is in or any other criteria.

There is currently this mod that looks like it would do the trick: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/first-post-moderated.848/ The only problem is that its a year old and don't know how well it will play with the new beta 1.2.


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That thread mentions the same add-on by ragtek, which is why I assumed it was the same suggestion.