Lack of interest Mod Access To Discouraged

Anthony Parsons

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At present, only admins can utilise what is in essence, a feature to assist all editors with managing users. Can this somehow be integrated into the frontend for mods to check against a users account if they require it?

Establishing a usergroup at admin level is obviously not the wise choice just to get access to a mod feature.


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I don't think a back end feature which is as powerful as the Discouraged Users function should be made available in the front end.

If you trust your mod's to use it then granting them access to the ACP via a special usergroup is no different to having it available on the front end.

That's just my personal opinion though.

Anthony Parsons

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If there was an infraction type system, or something for mods to use for troubled users, not just spammers, I would agree... but there are zero tools for a mod to really do their job by controlling users. You can't punish a troubled user by marking them as a spammer...

If you setup a test account and test a special usergroup using the admin permission for managing users completely, you're going to get a rude shock at just how much comes with that permission... because suddenly a mod can now change your super admin usergroup, access permissions, etc...

That doesn't give them access to a moderator function, it gives them way too much control. I did test it with that thought... but that is going far and beyond moderator functionality when they can adjust any admin on the site when only given one permission.

Whether it be a feature, or a mod... I'm here nor there. If devs deny it as a feature, then that's ok... so atleast I know to suggest it as a mod instead.


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Moderators need more 'teeth' for the times when a good person gets upset and types certain things over and over rapidly. That is for sure. But our approach is to 'moderate' posts when that happens, as opposed to the discourager.

I am lucky and have trusted people, so I may give them access to changing user groups for certain people. I am unsure how else to handle it unless there is some type of modification that can be written.