Mobile Suite?

i am using vbulletin 5.1.5 and mobile suite (mobile application).
i wonder if you have a future project for mobile application.
and if i buy xenforo, how can i transfer my data to xenforo?


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The import from VB is generally very straight forward. I'm not sure if there's a VB5 importer by default but you should be able to find that out with a quick search.

For very large forums there are better options (from 3rd parties) than the standard importer but those are an extra cost.


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As Brogan said, by default there's no importer from VB5 so you'll need to import into something else first and then import from there into XF. There are a lot of people who'll do that for you for a reasonable fee if it sounds a bit complicated. @MattW, @Jake Bunce and @Slavik are all great but there are lots of others as well.
i installed xenforo but when i logged in as administrator, i got an error message like "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."


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I think probably vBulletin 5 database tables still the same as vBulletin 4 database tables. Then you can convert to vBulletin 4 or vBulletin 3 version.

1- Install vBulletin 3 or vBulletin 4 forum another FTP/account
2- Download user, usergroup, thread, post, poll, etc. tables from vBulletin 5 database
3- After download that database tables, upload them you installed new vBulletin forums database
4- Rebuild all counters in Admin Control Panel
5- Done.

Now you'd move to XenForo from vBulletin 3 or vBulletin 4 version from your installed new forum.

Note that don't forget to a backup before convert/move.
XF is responsive (adjusts to the device size in the browser) and previously they've stated that they prefer that solution over an app. Having said that, one of the staff is (independently) developing an app.
Thats the first i hear about this.

Who is developping the app ? I am really interrested in it. I bet it will be way better than vbulletin's one.

Are XF staff providing him with the API?
i joined the xenforo family.
i will tranfer datas manually.
Welcome to XF.

I recognised you from the vb forums.

I still have 2 active licenses, with vb and xf. However, xf is a much more superior software than vb and this is coming from a 10 years + vb customer having a forum with more than 22k members.
My first impression is that; XF is better and more stable than VB forums. I was an active user of Vbulletin forum. i have both 5 connect and mobile suite licence but i felt that vbulletin wont be able to complete the project like vbseo and bought xenforo.