[MMO] Security Permission

[MMO] Security Permission 2.2.0

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would it be easy to add "Can use Authy" as a permission? I'd like to offer it only to admins/mods
Does this work with the current version of Xenforo (2.2.7)?
I find the option to have Authy for admins/mods to be very handy considering Authy have changed their pricing

I added it and it seems the permissions are to only stop someone from disabling, not for preventing a user/group to use a particular provider.

I want Authy for admins & mods, not for members and everyone else.

I have no issue with those using standard 2FA but Authy changed their pricing and I would rather only admin/mod have Authy
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I have a test user created, with group perms set as following

And yet on the logged in test user;

Same applies when I have "can disable tfa authy" set to never. Authy is still an option to enable for the end user when "supposedly" its disabled in perms/rights.
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My mistake, this add-on prohibits the shutdown of the provider. I will add the rights to use a specific right. Today during the day I will add the right to use and release the release
Great work @kick exactly what was needed.

Also I set the perm to never for "can enable tfa via email" for all user groups - such an insecure tfa method if I've ever seeon one for forum software like xenforo to even have.
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