[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages

[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages 2.2.2

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[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages - The ability to connect Yandex Turbo pages

The add-on allows you to send RSS feed for Yandex.Turbo technology
As a source of Turbo pages, you need to use a link of the form: yourdomain/yturbo-feed.xml
At the moment, the minimum version of php is 7.0. In future releases and additions, I will be using php 7.3/7.4. 7.0-7.2 are outdated versions without support or updates.
php 7.3 only gets security updates until 6 Dec 2021. Switching to newer php versions is done after...

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