MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) add-on request

Hello, I just setup the Demo of this forum and absolutely love it! Great job.

I was browsing the forum for add-on mods.

Is anyone offering any paid or free Multi-level referral program add-on/mod for paid subscribers?

there are quite a few for wordpress but would be great for Xenforo utilizing Gateways such as Payza or Paypal. also prefer to have 3+ referral levels.

Please keep me informed.

I will be purchasing your software soon.



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There are a few Paypal plugins, but they're donator plugins. Other than that, I don't think MLM is supported by xenForo core. Yet, anyway.
Wow! I'd pay 100.00 for this addon, if only people new how popular a multi level referral program works in a forum, this would double or even triple to cost of the forum script alone.