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Mixpod Playlist on Profile Page (version 1.0) - Add a mixpod playlist with configurable color, autoplay on or off and playlist link options

Mixpod is a free service that lets you create playlist and add music either through their website or by url. Mixpod is almost the same as playlist.com except it's better in the fact that you can play a video from YouTube on your playlist and it is available for all countries.


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Step 1.

Go to xenforo AdminCP/Styles/Templates

Open Template:...
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Unable to change it to a iPod Touch.... still searching for correct code to edit.
Create a new playlist with a new skin, save it, then copy that whole code. Paste it in a document and re-apply all of the conditions you see in the template code of step one.


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Very cool. I like this a lot.

But, what if I wanted to use this smaller one style and place it here:



Man. Midpox was pretty cool. You could have different playlists in one account. One of my forums was bilingual and we had a playlist for each group. I somehow doubt we will get to recover our playlists from Mixpod.

This might not be appropriate so I apologize in advance:
Perhaps you could do a similar application with grooveshark. Once you register an account you can create playlists and they have a share option with a customizable little playlist. they also give you a playlist. http://grooveshark.com/playlist/*NAMEPLAYLIST*/{PLAYLISTIDINNUMBERS}.

I still miss the YT videos though, but in the bright side, the links in our playlist won't become broken.

I want to commend in your applications and I find it really sad I couldn't get a chance to try your resource. :cry: