Missing options: Automatically Generate Image Titles


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I note that MG 2.0 automatically generates image titles by default and there does not seem to be an option to turn this off.

From MG 1.x:


With over 330,000 images in our gallery which we use as way of documenting the history of Zoos around the world, poorly named photos is a huge problem for us - we rely on the ability to turn OFF the automatic generation of image titles to force users to enter a meaningful title before they can upload the photo.

Please add this functionality back in to MG 2.0

I would expect to be able to disable automatic titles for videos as well - but only those uploaded directly (ie no filenames), using the title of an embedded video is reasonable / expected (but perhaps could be a separate option to automatic titles for uploaded videos).
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Just a heads up for people - this functionality was deliberately removed from MG 2.0 so the missing options is not considered a bug and my request to have this functionality added to MG 2.0 is now considered a suggestion.

So if having the ability to force users to enter a title (rather than defaulting to the image filename) is important to you, please like the first post in this thread.


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We are very happy with the automatic creation of titles, however we would prefer not to have .jpg suffix in the title.
Could there be an option to exclude the suffix from the auto generated title please?