XF 2.2 Missing navigational tab for registered users?


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I have a tab missing up top of my forum that I cannot seem to have display for regular "registered" users.

It shows for admin, and of course that checks out with the permissions that appear to be set as shown below


However I'm unsure how to modify this code to allow registered users to be able to view the Lessons tab?
Okay it appears that I've got it working?

I simply copied the settings from the "members" tab.

This is what I have


Is this the right way to do it? Or have I potentially caused a problem that I'm not aware of?
If you want that only registered users can see the tabs just put $xf.visitor.user_id
$xf.visitor.canViewMemberList() will prevent regular users to see the tabs if they can't see the Member list (which is a permission setting).
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