XF 1.5 Missing Image - Red X through Picture

Jeremy P

Well-known member
@dash I get the same results, with the first image displaying the error icon.

This is different than the browser's missing image icon though. This icon is shown when the image proxy in XenForo doesn't get a valid result and can't display the image.

I would try going to: Admin CP > Tools > Diagnostics >Test Image Proxy and testing that image URL in particular to see what kind of results you get.
Just checked the "Test Image Proxy" and it states:

The specific error message was: File is too large.

Seems like pictures over 5MB cause this problem and under 5MB work fine. Can't a warning be given to the user?

Jeremy P

Well-known member
That's not an option in the core software.

It would be useful if the WYSIWYG editor at least routed displayed images through the proxy, so users would see the error image when posting images that the proxy doesn't like.

Nevertheless, if you like you can bump the image size limit at Admin CP > Options > Messages > Image Cache Max Size if you want these images to be displayed.