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Not a bug Missing following state for user ID 1 in user

So in trying to view a topic on my forum im suddenly getting this, never seen it before:
Server Error

Missing following state for user ID 1 in user
  1. XenForo_Model_User->passesPrivacyCheck() in XenForo/Model/Conversation.php at line 1092
  2. XenForo_Model_Conversation->canStartConversationWithUser() in ConversationPostBit/ControllerPublic/Thread.php at line 15
  3. ConversationPostBit_ControllerPublic_Thread->actionIndex() in EWRporta/ControllerPublic/Thread.php at line 9
  4. EWRporta_ControllerPublic_Thread->actionIndex() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 310
  5. XenForo_FrontController->dispatch() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 132
  6. XenForo_FrontController->run() in /home/gamingon/public_html/index.php at line 13