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XF 1.2 Missing editor icon images in 1.2


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I've just upgraded to 1.2 and it all seems to have went well except for the editor icons not showing. They function and show tag when hovered over but are obviously missing the image (see below).

Could it be just a style problem - I have updated my style and all addons to be compatible with 1.2. Any suggestions?

Cheers, Mark

missing editor icons.jpg


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I believe it's this one:


But yeah, check your uploads and dump your browser cache.


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The only "sprite" I know is a drink :) OK, thanks I'll see if I can find it but why didn't it upload with the upgrade package then?

The tools file check after upgrade came back correct? :unsure:
Do you have a custom directory for your style?
For example: /styles/my-style/xenforo/editor/icons.png

Did you upload the sprite to the corresponding path?
Yesssss! That was it :) I probably should have mentioned I do have a custom style sorry...

You're a legend Brogan thank you Sir (and thanks to all for helping).


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Make sure you also upload the other new/changed sprites in 1.2: