XF 1.5 Missing Conversation Info and Participants boxes from Sidebar

Hi, another admin on our forum has recently been making changes to the sidebar. As a result, the "Conversation Info" and "Conversation Participants" boxes below are no longer visible in the sidebar when viewing a conversation. I've asked my fellow admin to recover these boxes but he doesn't know how to undo his changes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 23.48.56.png

I've recently installed Jeremy's Events add-on and the Event Tools box isn't appearing in the sidebar either. I think it's probably linked to the same issue. I've got a Development version of my forum which has the Conversation boxes above, but I'm not sure which template to change on the live site to get the boxes back. Please could someone offer some advice?
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Use the customised components under the Appearance tab to check which templates have been edited.

You can revert the ones related to conversations to restore the default template.


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I suspect that the admin has set all of the widgets in Widget Framework to display everywhere. If you edit a widget, it'll likely be set to the 'All' position. I'd recommend that you don't use this as it causes these sort of situations. You should use the forum_list position and any other templates you specifically want the Widget Framework widgets to appear in.

Hopefully this will sort the issue. You should direct any further questions to the Widget Framework discussion thread.