Missing codes after page reload F5 ?


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I have a weird problem with my XenForo forum

If I reload the page, my forum shows up with some kind of missing codes and looks weird. If I reload the page immediately, the page is OK, if I reload the page again, it looks bad again.

If I click on the logo, it works fine 100% of the time.

I've tested on Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome, it always does the same thing. I've also tried on different computers.

I've disabled all ads just in case some scripts were bad, no help

I've deleted all cache, cookies ... files

I've also tried the default style, no help

No special changes on the forum.

When reloading pages on others sites, it works fine.

Any idea?

Thank you

Tracy Perry

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I've found some 500 server errors....

I have seen this before when using Chrome - and on your site Safari from my Mac - (discussed elsewhere on the forum). It is a CSS rendering problem. I haven't noticed it on my site ever tho'. Have you tried disabling all plugins and seeing if it still does it?
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