XF 1.5 Miscellaneous Issue HELP please

Hello first sorry for my english but I speak via a translator, i come here for 2 queries, so first when i include attachments in the topics of my forum when creating the subject it this mette Like that => http://prntscr.com/f8y8js and I would like it to appear directly because before it was fesait .., by cons when I post the discussions it appear .. and 2 in my chatbox = > Http://prntscr.com/f8y93d the button sends an image does not work, when you click on it a page opens by putting me this => http://prntscr.com/f8y9fv but when I send the image, Image nothing works ... thank you for your help,

My version of the chatbox is SIROPU 1.24.3 ,
If possible I do not want to go to the higher version of SIROPU because I will have to translate everything in French