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I currently have one developer on my team and looking to add possibly 1 or 2 more coders to get work done. Not looking for novice coders. Pay will be AFTER the project is finished and implemented on the site. Once it is implemented, then you will get paid. I've been burned too many times paying upfront (even at half). You can talk to my current dev (@NixFifty ) if you'd like to know more about how I conduct business. You can even speak with @Forsaken to see if I'm reliable at paying. I'd tell you to speak with Onimua but he's one that ran off with my money (couple grand). @Krafty has done misc graphic work for me and can also attest to paying amount due promptly.

Things that will need done (off the top of my head but have a large todo list if proven to do quality work):
Fix up our homepage (add functionality, make it look presentable, etc)
Fix various addons (1 is broken due to a php5.5 upgrade recently, others need some html/css reworking)

We have some very large projects in mind and are looking for a longterm, good, friendly working relationship. If you are interested, please email us at webmaster [ @ ] se7ensins [dot] com. I'll likely have my manager contact you back if I'm busy as this is my hobby (that I take very seriously).

Serious inquiries only please.


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Vouch for @AzzidReign. Been a pleasure to have been working with him for the past few months, pays well and treats you well. No complaints at all. :)