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Minty Green (Free Style) - Basic Default Style in Minty Green colors

This is a basic default style for newbies who need a quick colour style in a green hue. Perhaps a relaxing color theme for green energy communities?

Mostly just colour changes with two small additional CSS adds to the extra.css template. I kept the text standard colour throughout except for stat numbers as it was too much green to change all of it.

You can check out a demo at select minty green

I hope it is useful to someone. :)...

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I had my host webmaster install Minty Green and some other color themes. I just noticed that in Minty Green the sidebar Forum Statistics widget only shows Messages and Latest Member, omitting Threads and Members. I believe this may be due to coding in the widget_forum_statistics template, but I have no skills with such coding.

Can you recommend a way to display Threads and Members along with Messages and Latest Member in Minty Green, as they all display in my other color themes?
I'll upload a new XML file this evening. For now, you can just revert the "widget_forum_statistics" templates. :) Not sure how that was added to the xml but I'll fix it. :)
@Kilt All fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. All you have to do now is a download the file and upload and override the current minty green style. If you need help doing this please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to do this for you. :) Sorry for the error.
No. It won't hurt functionality or revert to XF default. But I've now uploaded a new XML file so you can just upload that file and override it to the current Minty Style. Let me know if you need any help doing this. :)
Novice admin here. By "revert", you mean click the trash can icon? Will that restore the coding of the Xenoro default theme?
No not that trash can. Go to extra.less template and hit "revert" See attached.


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Dixie, as a matter of fact I don't know to upload and override. Nor do I know how that will affect my site's logo/header picture, which I had to pay my webmaster to have properly inserted into Minty Green.

As an alternative, you are saying I should revert the extra.less template and do nothing with the widget_forum_statistics template, which does in fact have (your?) custom coding in it?
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