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Minified JS in templates : don't forget to escape curly brackets {}


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If you minify your JS script (see this online service) and paste it in your templates, you will get an error during saving the template. To avoid this, just add a space between and after curly brackets "{}".

If you've got a regex editor
Replace ALL:
=> there is a space before and after the $1.

And everything will work :)

Oh, by the way, when you use JS script in template, you can use style property shortcuts inside code, ie:
That's great !


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Good to know about this.
Thanks. Here is an example for the color in JS:

var colorbg_first = '@breadcrumbItemFirstCrumb.background-color';
var color_first = '@breadcrumbItemFirstCrumb.color';
So to have just one value of a class, just had a point (.) after the class called with the aerobase (@) sign.